Friday, December 12, 2014

Ukraine Plane Crash

Four children were engaged in the timeless "My Dad" argument.

Tim said, "My dad works for the largest computer company in the world, and he travels everywhere."

Kip replied, "Well, my father owns a shipping business with hundreds of boats, and even airplanes. I get to ride on boats and planes whenever I want."

Darryl chipped in, "My father works for the government, and he even gets to talk to the president sometimes. We have security men at our house all the time."

Stanley stood quietly for a moment, because his father had died not long before. Finally, he said, "My dad is in Heaven, and gets to see God every day."

The other boys tried to think of something to say that could top that, but nothing came to mind.

Nothing can top the Lord our God! He is above all else. Nothing compares to Him. Therefore, nothing else in this world is more worthy of our worship and devotion. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised. His glory endures forever.

In closing.....

(I read about Dr. David Jeremiah quoting about a real life story that happened recently:)

   Last February, John Allen, a British lawyer living in Holland, smiled across the supper table at his wife and three sons, ages eight to fourteen. Someone snapped a picture. They were happy. A family vacation to Indonesia was in the works.

Five months later the five Allens boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, but somewhere over Ukraine the plane was blown out of the sky. The whole family perished in an instant, along with their fellow passengers.

We can’t comprehend the evil and calamity in the world. Such tragedies deeply upset and depress us, but they also represent a poignant reminder. Take every opportunity to cherish your loved ones. If you’re peeved with a family member, forgive them. If you’ve neglected them, give them a call. If you’ve rebelled against your dad or mom, go home with the humble attitude of a repentant prodigal. If you’ve been tense with your kids, give them an extra hug. If you live far away, work harder to stay in touch. Whatever it takes, take care of your family as well as you can. It’s at the core of God’s plan and provision for the world.


Raj Kosaraju

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sincere. Uncertain. Afraid.

One-word descriptions of my condition? Disillusioned. Stretched. Learning. Lonely. Determined. Sincere. Uncertain. Afraid.

But how can we live that pure life when our sin nature continues to tempt us so strongly? Our struggle is even harder because of the sinful world that surrounds us and presses in on us every time we turn on the TV or the radio. Even going to work, school or sport presents struggles if the people we’re with are worldly.

God will often call us to face difficulties because of our obedience to Him. But it’s in those times that we must remain steadfast in our faithfulness and, like Joseph, trust God to bring us through it. Face any hardship with faith and trust God!

From time to time I have seen people pour out their heart to the Pastor because their sins had been discovered and they were in serious trouble. They wept bitterly because they had devastated their marriage or ruined their reputation.

     But later someone would tell me they were back in the same situation.  They had not learned from their experience, and seemed determined to bring even more chaos into their lives.

     What was the problem?  The problem was lack of repentance.  Their tears were tears of self-pity---but not of repentance.  True repentance is a turning from sin---a conscious, deliberate decision to leave sin behind---and a conscious turning to God, with a commitment to follow His will.

He knows how we function, and He knows the pitfalls and dangers we face.  If He didn’t love us, He wouldn’t try to guide us in the right path.  But He does!  As Billy Graham says  we can be just as certain and just as worry-free about God's love and protection.  What is the evidence?  It is the Cross, where God fully expressed His love for us.  The Bible says, "He who did not spare His own Son, but gave him up for us all---how will he not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?" (Romans 8:32).  His love is certain.  He has never gone back on a single promise, and He never will. -


Raj Kosaraju